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I'm pretty sure my desktop's hard drive is dying.

I wish I had the money to replace it.

I don't have restore disks to put XP back on it, anyway, so...

Well, I have a copy of Windows 2000 that would do. Still, no money for a hard drive.

Thank God for this laptop.
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Misha black and white

Dream dream

So, I just woke up and I wanted to jot down the dream that woke me up before I forgot too much about it.

I'm already staring to forget, actually. =\

Anyway, so in my dream, my mom's back. But my aunt and I know she's gone. So, it's weird. Then it changes to where my aunt and I are walking in town and I ask her if she wonders what mom is. She says everyday and warns me not to get to close to her.

So, it changes again and I'm in my bed and I hear my mom crying. I get up and see her sitting on her chair in the living room with wet hair and a towel. I just stare at her and I ask her what she is. She shoots back that she's a woman. I apologize and ask her not to cry. Then I asked her why she was crying and she tells me that it's because I won't let her in my room. I tell her that she's welcome and so she asks me why I did that to the door. So I glance over to my door and there's a salt line.

I woke up.

You know, it's gotten to the point where after I wake up from a dream like that, I miss her, but I also lol. Really, brain? My mom and SPN? LOL. That's good, I think.

And I'm done. Have a happy weekend, y'all. :)
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