Kimmy (kimmy_kun) wrote,


So, last night as I was driving home with groceries, I blew out a tire about a mile and a half from my house. I wobbled the car to the nearest parking lot and walked home with the groceries.

So, an hour ago I walked down and started changing the tire when this hot, HOT guy offered to help me.

Okay, I have no self esteem, no gaydar and I suck at flirting, but we were pretty chatty and he had a gorgeous smile. So, after the tire was on, he asked me if he could give me something...

And he gave me a pamphlet about Jesus.

At least my car's home.
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That is so sad. :(
Aw, man! That's the worst!

Hot guy FAIL.
I... can't even imagine what my reaction would be.
It was very awkward turtle.
Aww. Here, have some icon. :)
Unf. <3
Oh god, I'm sorry, but I find that a bit funny. D: I know how you feel though bb! I'm sorry~ <3
Era un Atalaya. lol
Oh, you made me laugh! That sucks in a very amusing way. I'm sorry!
You should have grabbed him and told him you would make him see God... ;)

I'm glad you made it home safe, though. *hugs*