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So, the season premier of Supernatural was just on.

Here's my spoiler-free review:

It sucked balls.

Huge, fucking donkey balls of ass fuck.

Seriously, it was a shit fuck ass cunt of an episode full of people dripping with DNW.

Clunky, obnoxious, unnecessary DNW motherfuckers of shit waste.

I waited excitedly all Summer for this?

Fuck this shit.
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Hopefully when Castiel shows up in a few more episodes it will improve some??
God, I hope so.
I don't know if I would have put it like this; but I agree with you 100 percent. This episode was terrible and very underwhelming. I think the only thing that really saved it was Dean (and maybe even Lisa - at least her character was somewhat realistic).

As for Sam... What a dick. And the Campbells. Major douches.
I have to totally agree with everything you said. Dean and Lise were the only realistic characters in the entire episode. Sam is just ... o.O not Sam. And the campbells... ._.
Aww I liked it.

It's a season opener, so I didn't have high expectations. SPN has to build up plot and suspense.
So... you didn't like it then?